Carp Angling

Representing the fastest growing sector of the angling industry in the UK, carp angling is enjoyed by a wide spectrum of people. Typically a carp angler will enjoy the challenge this fish presents. The carp is not only the largest of the UK’s freshwater species, but also reputed to be the most difficult to catch. The angler will be heavily equipped with the latest, hi tech equipment including a ‘bivvy’ for overnight stays on the bank.

Like any sport, anglers will be of mixed abilities and have differing approaches. The top class angler may be a ‘specimen hunter’, interested in catching the biggest fish in the lake, which will be recognised by its scale patterns. Being a long lived fish, up to 40 years, these specimens will often be given an affectionate nickname by regular anglers, and becomes synonymous with a lake’s reputation. Lesser anglers will content themselves with smaller fish, which provide plenty of action.

Specimen fish in excess of 40lbs exist in several of Linear’s lakes, with all lakes containing extensive stocks of ‘thirties’ ‘twenties’ and ‘doubles’ (less than 20lbs).

The lakes also contain good stocks of other fish including Pike, Perch, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Roach and Chub. Perhaps the most spectacular fish stocked are the handful of Wels Catfish, the biggest of which has been caught at 66lbs.

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