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Common FAQ's

  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?
  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?

    The most common sizes we supply are 10mm and 20mm gravel. 10mm is usually best for pathways, as it is easy to walk on. The 20mm is best for drives, because the smaller 10mm gravel may get into the treads of car tyres.

  • How much gravel do I need to buy?
  • How much gravel do I need to buy?

    Gravel is calculated by volume. As a guide, 30 sq meters, to a depth of 25 mm (1 inch), will require 1 tonne of gravel.

  • Does the price include delivery?
  • Does the price include delivery?



West Leigh

West Leigh has established itself as specialists in Total Window Care since 1943 - back to a time when the company was busy repairing the bomb damaged windows and facades of London's buildings.

Today, the company continues to specialise in the repair, replacement and refurbishment of all types of windows (including all types of metal windows; steel windows, aluminium windows, etc.) in various types of building - from grandeur palaces and cozy traditional pubs to contemporary office spaces and home spaces. West Leigh works with the finest tested window materials and fittings, supplied by the Company's factories.

As Independent Window Specialists, West Leigh are also able to provide impartial advice to other professionals; from property mainteance to Local Authorities, Surveyors and Contractors.

The wide range of West Leigh's services can be showcased on their website.

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