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Common FAQ's

  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?
  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?

    The most common sizes we supply are 10mm and 20mm gravel. 10mm is usually best for pathways, as it is easy to walk on. The 20mm is best for drives, because the smaller 10mm gravel may get into the treads of car tyres.

  • How much gravel do I need to buy?
  • How much gravel do I need to buy?

    Gravel is calculated by volume. As a guide, 30 sq meters, to a depth of 25 mm (1 inch), will require 1 tonne of gravel.

  • Does the price include delivery?
  • Does the price include delivery?



Path Gravel

Driveway Gravel

Shingle / Gravel for Paths

With a wide range of different types of Cotswold Chippings, Shingles, Flints or Quartz shingles to choose from, which type of shingle / gravel is best for paths?

Over the years, many people have conventionally chosen shingle as the aggregate for their paths. Available in a range of different sizes, from very fine, 10mm shingle to larger 40mm shingle, its attractive appearance and neutral colouring make it an obvious choice for gravel paths.

However, as an alternative to the conventional shingle path, Smiths’ Self Binding Path Gravel is the perfect answer, especially when a smooth compact surface is required.

Smiths’ Self Binding path gravel is an increasingly popular product for paths, tracks and driveways, and has produced lots of satisfied customers. From gardeners, schools, churches and local councils – all of whom have used the SBPG for garden paths, car parks, plus walkways and tracks for both pedestrian and cyclist. When a smooth surface is required for your path, driveway, country park or cycle paths – especially if wheeled objects are going to be used – eg wheelchairs, buggies, wheelbarrows or similar - then Smiths’ Self Binding Path Gravel is an ideal choice.

Our Self-Binding path gravel is produced by crushing our limestone shingle from Gill Mill and screening to produce a well graded crushed limestone material. Once the material has been levelled and rolled, a firm surface is produced with a fine gravel finish - proving to be hard wearing and of pleasing appearance. Easy to lay and very hardwearing, it is an attractive yet an inexpensive way of creating walkways, cycle paths or a path to the bottom of the garden.

Delivery direct to any UK mainland address, Self-Binding Path Gravel can transform your drive, path etc in a matter of no time. If in any doubt about the laying of SBPG, please contact a professional contractor, or for the larger landscaping projects, Smiths Construction will be happy to estimate for the complete project.

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