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We recognise that what we create today will be inherited by the next generation of interested parties. We  are determined to pass on a profitable company committed to its employees and to high standards of  environmental performance. That is why we have established the following Environmental Commitments: 

  • Smiths will understand the potential environmental impacts from climate change on its quarrying  and fishery operations to prepare and adapt the business accordingly. Smiths will also measure  and report its carbon footprint on an annual basis;  
  • Smiths will identify and monitor waste generation, energy consumption, fuel usage and efficiencies  through dedicated audits, supplier portals/dashboards and the use of remote/telemetry systems.  A hierarchy of improvements aimed at avoiding, reducing or substituting (by adopting  renewable/low carbon technologies) will be considered along with setting performance indicators;
  • Ensure that all aspects of Smiths Environmental Management System (EMS) are understood and  implemented throughout the company and that contractors, suppliers, staff, and management,  are aware of their responsibilities to the EMS and have adequate authority, training, and resources  to fulfil them;
  • Develop opportunities, which arise from our operations to protect the environment, enhance  biodiversity, access to geodiversity, nature conservation, educational activities, employee  volunteering through the participation of community projects, and improve public access to the  countryside;
  • To carry out our sustainable business activities with respect and care for the environment, our  neighbours, and local communities/businesses by understanding the environmental impacts of  our supply chain. Relationships will be built to help improve the environmental performance of  suppliers and their products, whilst also learning from suppliers who will share best practice of  their sustainability journey; 
  • Ensure compliance is fulfilled against all mandatory compliance obligations set by interested  parties, but also any voluntary compliance obligations which Smiths choose to adopt;  •Smiths will continue to maximise its opportunities in the recycled aggregate sector in order to  build a more sustainable future for the business; 
  • All environmental risks (including any nuisance to our neighbours) associated with the lifecycle of  Smiths operations are mitigated or at least minimised through the prevention of pollution and all  environmental opportunities are identified, prioritised, and implemented; 
  • Build good relationships with our identified interested parties who have a direct relationship with  Smiths operations through regular dialogue and via updates on Smiths environmental  performance;
  • Management will ensure there is a commitment to the continual improvement of the EMS to  enhance the company environmental performance.  

The above commitments will help provide the framework for setting Smiths environmental objectives. 

Smiths will review this Policy Statement once every 12 months or when there is a significant change to the  EMS. This Policy Statement will be made available to all interested parties who have a vested interest in  Smiths EMS. 

February 2023