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Gabion Baskets for Ground Stabilisation

Gabion baskets are one of the methods used to stabilise the edges of vertical faces such as terraced areas on landscaped areas, river and stream banks, embankments and bridge abutments. It is a fairly simple system of filling specialist wire baskets with stone on a prepared base and in some situations held back to the face with ground anchors.

Gabion Baskets

Reno mattresses are wire baskets which are also filled with stone to avoid scouring and stabilise waterways, rivers and spillways.

Vibro piling is the use of stone compacted into pre-prepared holes with a large vibrating piling machine. This is to improve the load bearing quality of the ground prior to construction of buildings.

Materials that could be used
200-100mm, 150-75mm, 75-40mm, and 40-20 Crushed Limestone