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Common FAQ's

  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?
  • What size gravel should I use for pathways and drives?

    The most common sizes we supply are 10mm and 20mm gravel. 10mm is usually best for pathways, as it is easy to walk on. The 20mm is best for drives, because the smaller 10mm gravel may get into the treads of car tyres.

  • How much gravel do I need to buy?
  • How much gravel do I need to buy?

    Gravel is calculated by volume. As a guide, 30 sq meters, to a depth of 25 mm (1 inch), will require 1 tonne of gravel.

  • Does the price include delivery?
  • Does the price include delivery?



Health and Safety

The Smiths Bletchington Group aims to provide the highest practicable standards of health and safety management in its services, products and operations.

We recognise the important role of our employees in the success of our business and are committed to their health, safety and security.

Our commitment also extends to other interested parties who may be affected by our activities.

Health and safety is a key priority in all aspects of our diverse business, ranging from fisheries to quarry operations and in recognition of our responsibilities for Health and safety we appointed a dedicated health and safety professional in 1993.

Zero Harm

Quarrying has a reputation for being one of the most high-risk industries in the UK. In recent years the quarrying industry, in conjunction with the HSE and the Mineral Products Association (MPA) has made huge progress in improving its safety record.

 Zero Harm is the overarching health and safety priority for the mineral products industry and the Smiths Group are committed to achieving this, by supporting MPA initiatives such as 'Safer by Competence', which aims to deliver demonstrable personal competence across the industry.

Key Objectives

The Smiths Group takes a proactive and innovative approach to health and safety and is proud of its ability to act decisively and promptly to risks. Group Key Objectives are:

  • Maintaining and improving the health and safety systems and procedures.
  • All risks to be assessed and suitable safe systems implemented.
  • Inspection regimes and remedial actions implemented.
  • All accidents, incidents and significant near hits require prompt investigation and implementation of improvements, which will be communicated to all employees.
  • Maintain structure and skills to achieve our objectives.
  • Training and development of our employees.
  • Clear and transparent communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Active participation of all employees to help continual improvement of our health and safety performance.
  • Continual monitoring, review and improvement of our health and safety systems and procedures.
  • Suitable hygienic welfare facilities to be provided and maintained.
  • Employees will be made aware of their responsibilities and shall be accountable for their actions.

Innovations and Initiatives

Examples of key health & safety innovations and initiatives taken in the business include:

  • Gill Mill health & safety induction videos for both hauliers and contractors (MPA and European health & safety awards).
  • Gill Mill vehicle body access steps (MPA health & safety award).
  • Automated sheeting and tail gates, 360͘͘͘͘° camera systems and inclinometers for articulated LGV’s.
  • Health and safety consultation meetings.
  • Health and safety management meetings.
  • Comprehensive induction procedures, including induction videos.
  • Near miss report and ‘take one’ risk assessment books issues to all employees.
  • Rolling health surveillance program.
  • FORS Silver accreditation.
  • Working with QNJAC to produce ‘A guide to Pedestrian Safety in Quarries & Surface Mining’.
  • BAA Safety Panel member.
  • SME Bench marking group member.

The Future

Health and safety is seen as a continually evolving process by the Smiths Bletchington group, which aims to be a leader in health and safety management, providing a working environment that is safe for all parties involved with our operations.

Download full Health & Safety policy of Smith & Sons

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