Type 1 Crushed Concrete

Type 1 Concrete is produced by crushed aggregate - recycling waste materials from construction and demolition projects. It is perfect for using in trench fills, backfills, oversite fills and as a granular sub-base.

WRAP Protocal


Suitable for Highway Works Clause 803 sub-base, hardcore, trench fill, backfill, capping layer and oversite fill.

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This product can be delivered in bulk loads. For more information or to request a quotation please submit an enquiry or call us on 01869 331281.

Product: Crush Concrete Type1
Usage Conversion: Approx 2.1 Tonnes per cubic metre
Source: Gill Mill
Material: 0/40 Ga 80 Gta 20
Description: Crushed Concrete/Tarmac
Specification: BS EN 13285

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