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Lorry Sizes

Lorry Sizes

Smiths now deliver to customers nationwide. Please enquire for full details and cost.

Local orders will be delivered by our company-owned tippers. While our drivers will make every effort to tip materials in the customer's preferred location, due consideration must be given to the size of our vehicles and the constraints of the site.

Drivers are instructed not to tip where there is a possibility that damage could be caused, or health & safety compromised, due to site constraints.

As a guide to customers, dimensions and capacity of our vehicles are as follows:

Artic 30 tonnes---
8 Wheeler 20 tonnes 31'7" / 9.63m 8'4" / 2.5m 11'6" / 3.5m
6 Wheeler 15 tonnes 27'0.5" / 8.23m 8'4" / 2.5m 11'6" / 3.5m
4 Wheeler 10 tonnes 22'7.5" / 6.88m 8'4" / 2.5m 10'6" / 3.2m
Mini tipper 7.0 tonnes 21'4.5" / 6.5m 7'6" / 2.3m 9'4" / 2.85m
(3.0 front, 4 rear)

Nb 1:
 Tipper will get through a 9ft / 2.75m gap on level ground with a straight run.

Please note, however, if the delivery site has high walls or entrance pillars,
a 10ft / 3.05m gap will be needed to accommodate wing mirrors.

Nb 2: The vehicle height includes the exhaust stack.

As of August 2016 all our lorries are fitted with safety cameras. For details click here