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Pea Shingle

Sourced from our Gill Mill Quarry, this versatile decorative limestone shingle has a range of applications including drainage and pipe bedding. A blend of neutral beiges and cream/Cotswold colours mean that this product blends into a wide range of settings.

We offer Pea Shingle graded to 10mm for pipe bedding and 6mm pea shingle for reed beds, plus being suitable for footpaths and general landscaping.


This product is ideal for footpathsdrainage, pipe bedding.

Ordering & Delivery:

This product can be delivered in bulk loads, bulk bags and small bags. For more information or to request a quotation please submit an enquiry or call us on 01869 331281.

Product Details:

Product: Pea Shingle

Usage: Approximately 1.6 Tonnes Per Cubic Metre

Source: Gill Mill

Material: 2/10mm Washed Limestone Gravel

Description: Limestone Pea Shingle

Specification: BS EN 12620