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Pea Shingle: Information, Uses & Sizes

Pea shingle is produced from washing ballast and is one of the graded gravels that arise. Pea shingle comes in several sizes to suit different purposes and different looks. Typically used for decorative purposes such as lanscaping, pea shingle also serves very practical purposes such as pipe bedding for drainage. Read ahead for more information about pea shingle or find out more about Smiths Bletchington's 6mm limstone pea shingles.

Different uses

Pea shingle has many different uses outdoors. Perhaps one of the most popular is decorative. Whether it's for your flowerbeds or driveway, pea shingle has a way of putting that perfect finishing touch on your outdoor projects. When used in flowerbeds or pot plants pea shingle act as mulch, which keeps the plants insulated during winter and prevents evaporation of water in summer. They'll also help stop pesky weeds from shooting through.

The other tasks pea shingle can tackle are pipe bedding for drainage, which can also make it a very practical material for large scale commercial drainage projects such as sports fields and pitches. Whilst 6mm pea shingle can be used for these sorts of large drainage projects, 10mm and 20mm shingles can also be used for other drainage solutions.

Is Pea Shingle the same as Pea Gravel?

Despite similar names and indeed similar qualities, pea shingle and pea gravel have some minor differences distinguishing them as separate products. At Smiths Bletchington our pea shingle is made from high quality limestone gravel available in two popular sizes - 6mm and 10mm.

Size & Appearance

Pea shingle is rounded and generally quite an attractive stone, which is why they are so popular as decorative shingles.

Pea shingle is usually 6mm and 10mm, larger shingle is available in 20mm and 40mm. Each serve different purposes and some can be more effective than others in certain projects, so never hesitate to contact us about queries you have regarding which shingles to buy.

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