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Self-Binding Path Gravel

Smiths' self-binding path gravel is produced by crushing our limestone shingle from Gill Mill Quarry and screening it to produce a well-graded crushed limestone material. Once the material has been levelled and rolled out, a firm surface is produced with a fine gravel finish which has shown to be hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing. This has proved suitable for garden paths, drives and communal areas alike.

Case Study 1: Self Binding Path Gravel

Project: SGD Garden Design

Materials: 8mm Self Binding Path Gravel

Our SBPG has been used in an award-nominated garden design by garden and landscape designing company Chameleon Design. It was specified as a pathway with an encircled water feature and lead you to the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. Its warm Cotswold tones are a perfect complement to the hard stone/brick edging.

Case Study 2: Self Binding Path Gravel

Project: The Chiltern Burial Ground Project

Materials: 8mm Self Binding Path Gravel

Self-Binding Path Gravel - Chiltern Burial Ground Project

We were involved with The Chiltern Burial Ground project where the client required a limestone material that would produce a hard-wearing surface that would blend with the surrounding forest. We supplied self-binding path gravel which has resulted in naturalised drives and pathways to fit the client's request. This has resulted in pleasant forest walks which are also open to public use.

Shown above is one of the footways at the burial ground soon after it was first laid. It will soon naturalise and blend into its natural surroundings.